Monthly Archives: September 2011

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Friday, Sept. 30 2011

“Bless you” is disruptive, China holds US scientist as a prisoner, and Obama faintly remembers how to pronounce “ethics”

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Thursday, Sept. 29 2011

Pelosi puts the crone in crony capitalism, Facebook “accidentally” stalks its users and Commies, Commies, Commies

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Sept. 28 2011

No elections for you, no clapping for you, no Christian faith for you

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Tuesday, Sept 27 2011

The rich pay their fair share and part of everybody elses, Obamacare to SCOTUS and Obama has problems with you.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Monday, Sept. 26 2011

Tax cuts for the rich are only fair, in New York the dead get paid, and the Times has always loved Castro

The Inevitable March of Inevitability

Because the inevitable future Anti-Americans believe in so strongly is built on their own subjective wishes they have nothing in reality to grasp when their fantasies start flying apart.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Sunday, Sept. 25 2011

“Palestinian” Spring has sprung, Cain is the man, and a primer on repression in Castro’s Cuba

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Saturday, Sept. 24 2011

Ragers go West, Arctic gets icy and Netanyahu is the most honest man in the building

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Friday, Sept. 23 2011

Fed ready with pseudo-QE3, World Bank sez world is in danger and the “Palestinian” goal is Jewish genocide

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Thursday, Sept. 22 2011

The real “Palestinian” question(s), 21 reasons global markets may crash in October, and Tea Party infiltrators want to write their own Constitution.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Wednesday, Sept. 21 2011

Dept. of Labor enemies list, food Nazis, and this is the time that the oceans start to recede