Monthly Archives: October 2011

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Monday, Oct. 31 2011

Dollar still tanking, Castro still oppressing, and Fawkers still cheating.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Sunday, Oct. 30 2011

Grinding down America, Evil Saudi royalty, the Chinese landlords and Fawkers’ rap sheet now with 100 incidents of arrests.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Saturday, Oct. 29 2011

Clinton guiding Iranian invasion, Napolitano Clowards homeland security, and an established Boehner.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Friday, Oct. 28 2011

Planet China, MLK was a Republican, and Fawker sez “Revolution willl require collapsing the US governnment”

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Thursday, Oct. 27 2011

Beck is always right, Obama just Googled you and it smells like the Fawkesheviks are rising up.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Wednesday, Oct. 26 2011

PETA wants animals to have human rights, border agents imprisoned for doing their job, and Fawking ACORN.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Tuesday, Oct. 25 2011

The “Good” Quran, Oakland top comes down of Fawker bottom, and Lone Star tyranny.


ALERT: Final Implementation Phase of Obama Formal Dictatorship has Begun from Gulag Bound

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Monday, Oct. 24 2011

Occupooper admits Glenn Beck was right, violent revolution acomin’

They are the 99%. They are Alinsky’s Bolsheviks.

The “99%” slogan is the latest version of an old Alinsky rule and an even older Lenin tactic.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011

Pan-Islamic Mission Accomplished for Obama, Iran protests Wall Street.