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Daily Tyranny Ticker – Thursday, March 15 2012

Communist puke Ayers whines abt how mean anti-Communists are & More Obama VETTING

The Cold Hearted Patriot Program 2

It’s not a Fluke! & Where’s the Why in Journalism? – Tuesday, March 13 2012

The Cold Hearted Patriot Program 1

DING DONG! Obama has a Bell problem; News You May Have Missed and more
Recorded Monday, March 12th 2012

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Monday, Mar. 12 2012

Obama hands Taliban fighters back over to the Taliban and is this close to Khalid “kill the crackers” Muhammad

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Friday, March 9 2012

A Bell-Ringing Vetting, Bribing Israel, and Crony Town, USA

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Tuesday, March 6 2012

AnonWar, Obama/Alinsky duet and the Dept. of the Taliban


A patriot, a warrior, a leader. A father and a husband. Loved by the right. Hated by the wrong. You’ll be missed.