The Lame Duck President at the End of the World

The meme on the street is Obama must take charge when the world ends later this year turning the October surprise into a crazy December Surprise.

Media manipulation, public relations and propaganda can shape the national mood, as we conservatives well know.  We remember four years ago, when America was sold a bill of goods in a suit in the shape of Obama.  Obama was a man for the times and a man for all time.  There was hope and change, and oceans receding and Greek columns and yes we can!  Si se puede!  There were no more blue and red states.  And it was all just a fantastic and fantastical Journ-O-Listic meme.

And there was another meme, which came along late in the election game to seal America’s fate; a meme which boosted the first one along.  There was an earth changing financial calamity.  Millions were losing jobs, because of evil Wall Street capitalists.  Our financial system was dying away.  The crisis was so severe the government had to step in.  John McCain was mocked when he said the fundamentals of the economy were sound.  Obama was cheered when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform the country.  Obama was a change agent and our economy, our country, our souls needed a changing, remember?  We were failing on moral, political, and economical grounds and only Obama could make everything all right.

The two memes of, “Obama the savior” and “The need for a change in our economic structure,” were beaten into us daily and when the election rolled around, Obama’s winning seemed like a foregone conclusion.  There would be no hanging chads, not with destiny on the doorstep — just celebration and hope and waiting for the planet to heal.

What media-fueled memes are floating around today and could they shed light on what may be to come?  The first meme is no longer “Obama can do it” but “Obama can and must do it.” From Obamacare to the moratorium on gulf drilling to blocking the Keystone pipeline, Obama flexes his anti-American muscles and inevitably the Progressives wail Obama isn’t progressive enough, radical enough, socialist enough. Some Progressives have actually, openly, urged him to behave like a dictator,  as MSNBC’s

Ed Schultz and director Woody Allen have seriously suggested.  “Obama must do more” has been a constant meme for President Obama.

But even some of Obama’s most cynical political adversaries may have had their breath taken away with his blatant unconstitutionality of late.  Obama brazenly flouts powers the constitution does not permit him — from ignoring existing immigration laws, to leaking secrets to the media to fast and furiously withholding documents from Congress.  Obama has shown flyover country he can do whatever it takes “to do the right thing.”  He is the government.  Neither Congress nor SCOTUS will stop him from doing what must be done.  Politico even seems to be welcoming the “evolving Obama tyrant” meme, with a recent headline reading, “Obama’s Policy Strategy: Ignore Laws.”

Conservatives meanwhile have been cautiously celebrating because we think we have Obama running scared.  We see he is making more overtly unconstitutional power-grabs and unpopular statements and we interpret it to mean he is scrambling, desperate, and on the ropes.  The guy can’t even get a decent hashtag off on Twitter without us hijacking it with delight.

But what is the second meme — the one which will boost the first one?  Sure it sounds crazy, but how about, “the end of the world?”  Google “end,” tap the space bar, and it’s the first selection.  But specifically the year, 2012, is the end of the world as predicted by the Mayans calendar, Nostradamus and maybe even Edgar Cayce’s ghost, who knows?  There was even a movie about such a looming catastrophe simply titled “2012.”  Nearly everybody knew what the title was referencing.
And as we get closer to the end of the year, the date December 21, 2012 is becoming a more prominent meme as supposedly the exact date for the end.  Now most people look upon the December 21 meme as mindless and pointless, and it is, but could the meme turn into propaganda and be used to get you primed for something?  Could the meme be manipulated to get you to anticipate, expect and not be at all surprised if something cataclysmic and world-changing were to happen around that date and accept the consequences which would follow?

So with that in mind, here is a crazy theory.  What if…

Romney wins in November?  Do you think Obama has given any indication he will act like a lame duck, roll over, stop being the President for those last two months?  Obama is still in charge, remember?  What if around December 21, 2012, a stux-net like virus hits our major financial institutions, government servers and electrical grids?  What if a nuke is detonated over the skies of America?  What if Anonymous takes down the internet?  Would anyone be surprised if “the end of the world” really meant only the end of the world as we knew it?

Would anyone be surprised when lame-duck Obama has to make the tough, expensive, totalitarian decisions to fix what went wrong?  Wouldn’t it be more shocking if he let the “end of the world” crisis go to waste?  Would anyone be surprised when he has to “save the country” by destroying the country?  Would anyone be surprised if “the end of the world” really meant a fundamental transformation of America?

So what if…Obama announces Romney’s inauguration must be postponed indefinitely and then declares martial law until the nation has weathered the storm?

Who would stop him?  The hungover Secret Service?  Panetta’s Pentagon?  Holder’s DOJ?  Napolitano’s Homeland Security?  Reid’s Senate?  Boehner’s House?  Romney’s delegates?  If Twitter and the conservative blogosphere of new media survives the…apocalyptic whatever, how long do you think it would be before our electronic playgrounds and digital war rooms are all taken off-line by Obama-in-charge? UPDATE 7-7-2012 ~  – Shutting down and/or controlling communications in the event of a crisis is just what Obama ordered up. Why these memes and sub-memes practically write themselves, huh?

Maybe this is why Obama is so unconcerned about flagrantly behaving like a tyrant or hashtag games on Twitter.  He knows he’s not going anywhere. And thanks to these memes everyone would expect nothing less.

Now isn・t that a crazy theory about the end of the world as Americans know it?

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