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55% of Supreme Court Justices agree that Obamacare is constitutional, as long as theĀ 21 penalties written into the Act are re-written from the bench as taxes — an argument that was never made by Obama’s lawyers in the hearings. Another argument that was never made by Obama’s lawyers was that “healthcare” (actually just the increasing insurance rates ObamaCare is forcing you to pay for, to only partially cover other people’s healthcare costs they may or may not have, after they pay a huge deductible) was an individual right.

The silver lining of this ObamaTax (the law formerly known as ObamaCare) cloud, is that every single person who voted for or supported ObamaTax actually passed the largest tax in the history of America, that strikes everyone, just by virtue of breathing. If we had all only been aborted, we wouldn’t have to pay these new Obama Taxes. Why is that a silver lining? Because this is the information we use to re-claim the Senate from the filthy band of Progressives now running roughshod over the Constitution and our freedoms.

Ben Shapiro over at Breitbart.com posted a great breakdown on how to get to the necessary 50 Senate seats the conservatives would need for ObamaTax repeal. (This is assuming a Romney win has a Republican VP [please let it be Allen West!]) casting the tie-breaker.


The Democratic Senators who voted for ObamaTax, now have a choice – they can admit they fraudulently passed the largest tax increase in US history, by calling it a penalty or they can admit it is unconstitutional and they broke their oath of office when they voted Yay. And that is the Supreme Court talking. (I say the Constitution allows that Congress can only tax based on their enumerated powers. Health insurance coverage is not one of those powers, so ObamaTax is unconstitutional as a tax as well. Chief Justice Roberts should and does know better. Voting ObamaCare unconstitutional both as a tax and as a penalty would have been the correct ruling)

But now the Dems have to own this huge ObamaTax increase. They ARE the tax and spend party. Record tax increases and record spending is their mantra, their dogma and their karma. Make them own it. I think conservatives can take back the Senate and with the SCOTUS switcheroo, I think they are now vulnerable in states that are heavily liberal leaning.

In California, call it the Boxer-Feinsten Tax, and ask both ladies (*with a combined 50 years or writing and reading laws) when they realized they were passing the largest tax increase on Americans. Then ask them why they would do this in the middle of the Great Recession.

In New York, call it the Gillebrand-Schumer Tax and ask them who wrote which tax. They’ll tell you it was an anonymous Congressional “staff” somewhere. Schumer has been writing laws for 32 years, but I bet he will say its not a tax, but a penalty. Off topic: but Gillebrand is also married to a venture capitalist, so as an aside, you should ask her if venture capitalists like Mitt Romney and her husband Jonathon are vampires as an Obama ad has claimed.


In Washington state, call it the Cantwell-Murray Tax, and ask those ladies if they read the ObamaTax Act before they signed it. (*A combined 25 years in DC, writing laws and they didn’t realize it was a tax they were reading? Not bloody likely!) now that they know what they passed was a HUGE tax ask them if they are leading the effort to repeal it immediately.

In Massachusetts, call it the Kerry-Heinz Tax and ask the European-lite John Kerry how much more in taxes the floor sweeper at his wife’s Heinz Ketchup factory will have to pay and then ask him why he didn’t think about the little people when he put his ObamaTax glasses on. As for Mass. Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren, ask her if she will get some kind of exclusion from the ObamaTax since she is a confirmed (*by plagiarized cookbook recipes and a subjective assessment of high cheekbones) to be an authentic 1/32nd Cherokee.

Make these Progressive, Anti-AmericanĀ idiots choke on their own ObamaTax and take the Senate.

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