What I Think Mitt Needs To Do

Have heard several commentators predicting or at least wishing that Romney will come out with a verbal punch and then keep jabbing Obama until POTUS goes off script and starts sneering. I don’t think this strategy will work as expected for one reason, it is the media who will direct this debate and they wont let it get away from Obama.

MSM will hit Romney and try to make him look defensive. As soon as one of Obama’s palace guards start a-shilling Mitt needs to call foul. Hopefully he remembers how Newt took them down. Reject the premise – scold the media – and answer the question the MSM should have asked.

Otherwise, Romney will most likely play it cool and Presidential. Authoritative but not authoritarian. When the media’s arrows fail to gain purchase, Mitt just needs to wait for Obama to take a swing at him, even its the most light-hearted aside, and then DECK him. Romney’s team should have a list of the lies Obama will tell or allude to and when he does Romney should smack him with some thing that tells the truth and judo flips Obama’s words right back down his throat. Heck rattle off five or six other examples to establish a pattern of deceit from this administration –  and then use that as the night’s running narrative against Obama. If Obama want to crack wise or lie, Romney needs to show the American public how seriously he takes this election and put Obama in his place (with his own words and record) without the suggestion of a smile.

Mitt doesn’t have to be rude, but he needs to put the MSM and Obama in their place and put them on notice that lies, cover ups, journ-O-lism and cronyism from Fast and Furious to Solyndra to Libya won’t be ignored or accepted and he certainly doesn’t have to be nice about it.


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