What you don’t know will kill your country


The Shining City on a Hill is in flames; rational men of honor and integrity are becoming extinct; the truth has been buried alive; the Republic of Liberty is being suffocated in her sleep; and we are caught unawares in a war not of our choosing.

Over 200 years ago, there were two revolutions. Most have forgotten, and many have tried to denigrate, the meaning and result of the first – the American Revolution. But there was a second revolution – an Anti-American Revolution. It is still ongoing…and they think they’re about to win.

America Vs. Anti-America – http://amzn.to/rt3INU – details the history of the Anti-American Revolution and where we are today, with power-lusters imposing values, such as collectivism, statism and tyranny, on the world. Written with insight and wit, be astounded at the history you didn’t know…and realize why you never knew it.


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