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Who Will Be The Resistance?

Question: “If a determined, disciplined gang of statists were to make an assault on the crumbling remains of a mixed economy, boldly and explicitly proclaiming the collectivist tenets which the country had accepted by tacit default – what resistance would they encounter?” – Ayn Rand, Philosopher and Author

Answer: We who recognize that we are sovereign individuals born with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, property, and the pursuance of happiness; and who recognize that the government is not the grantor of our rights and government’s only legitimate and proper role is to safeguard our individual sovereignty.

We who recognize that our rights as understood cannot and do not come at the expense of another’s rights and that the power exercised by a legitimate republic cannot and must not come at the expense of any individual’s rights and if it does it cannot claim legitimacy.

We who recognize that power lusting government officials, in positions granted to them by the people, have collectively broken their sacred oath to be bound by the limited powers enumerated to them in the Constitution and have usurped and violated our individual rights – becoming unwelcome benefactors of phony “rights”, arrogant redistributors of our wealth and gleeful deniers of our freedoms.

We who recognize that the government must be limited and restricted for man to be free and are willing to speak out against, expose, and intelligently and morally battle the irrational, collectivist, progressive ideology that has a firm hold on our republic; and depose all government officials that do not keep their sacred oath to defend the Constitution and elect only those that will.

We the people, of the United States of America.

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