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Brett Kimberlin From Speedway Bomber to Litigious Jihadist

Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day

What Eats Us – Available now as ebook

What Eats Us, by Jason Boyd, is now available as an ebook for 99 cents.

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Friday, March 24 2012

Obama sez elect new Prez if gas too high…in 2008, Occupy Occupy and the Old Soviet Nightmare – here, today


Sunday, December 25 2011

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Friday, Dec. 23 2011

Paying for Occupoop, what iraq and Afhanistan really cost, and communsim kills, and so does the Lee County, Fla Sheriff’s dept

Daily Tyranny Ticker

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Thursday, Oct. 6 2011

Fawkers blame the Jews, want you to kill your parents and admit demands sound like extremist nutjobiness

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Wednesday, Oct. 5 2011

Criminals fear gunowners, Reid sez “Right away” is so relative, and Samuel L Jackson also thinks you’re a racist

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Monday, Oct. 3 2011

Fat tax, ACORN never left, and Hollywood hates you

Daily Tyranny Ticker – Thursday, Sept. 15 2011

Obama wildly popular European president, Rep. Schakowsky sez money you’ve earned belongs to the state, and Libya’s transistional council are jihadisty