Is this a conservative-supporting Web site?


Is this a liberal-supporting Web site?


Then, what is this Web site?

We’re for individual rights and laissez-faire (hands-off) capitalism. We’re against tyranny in all its forms. Neither Republicans or Democrats, on any level, get a free ride from scrutiny on this Web site. But this isn’t just a political Web site, in the way that most Americans think of “politics.” When we say we stand for laissez-faire, or “hands off,” capitalism, we don’t mince words. That means any corporation, business, or even individuals who breaks the tenants of capitalism will be reported on and critiqued by Cat-Wyp.

What does Citizens Against Tyranny-Watch Your Politician mean?

Do you have a neighborhood watch on your street? Do you wake your neighbor if someone breaks their car window at 3 o’clock in the morning? Well, so do we. But our street is bigger, and it includes all of America, even the world. We want you to know when a politician intends to steal your unalienable rights from you or a corporation lobbies and supports that theft. And we want you to tell us if you see it happening so we can blow the whistle for the entire world to hear.